Full Circle

"Full Circle"

The Long Way Home From Canada

"Full Circle" is the last of three books which record Ulrich Steinhilper's remarkable experiences in the Second World War. From being a front line fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain he becomes a Prisoner of War, but for Ulrich the war is far from over. In "Ten Minutes To Buffalo" the story of the first three escapes is told and in "Full Circle" he is far from the end of his career as an escaper. Nor is it the end of the detailed and fascinating description of life as a POW. Locking up large numbers of bright young men led to the most ingenious schemes to manufacture their own radios, make their own tools and later, in their Ehrenwort (word of honour), to rebuild and run a farm. Ulrich describes in graphic detail his last attempt to get back to Germany, admitting it was the worst mistake he ever made in his life. And from documents, hand written at that time, as a prisoner of the Allies and the postcards home he accurately reconstructs what it was like to be. "Full Circle" completes Ulrich Steinhilper's odyssey and with it what is now being described as one of the most important contributions to the broader history of the Second World War to war and "Spitfire On My Tail", "Ten Minutes To Buffalo" and now "Full Circle" have made a significant contribution in correcting that state of affairs. All three are formed of accurate factual material but presented in a way which makes reading easy. These three books must be read by all serious students who wish to appreciate the broader view now available.

Bücher / books
Die Gelbe Zwei (deutsch)
Zehn Minuten Bis Buffalo (deutsch)
...UND GOTT LENKT! (deutsch)
Spitfire On My Tail (English)
Ten Minutes To Buffalo (English)
Full Circle (English)
Dont' Talk - do It (English)
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