Ten Minutes to Buffalo

"Ten Minutes to Buffalo"

The long-awaited sequel to Ulrich Steinhilper's first book which relates his capture by the Allies and his numerous escapes from captivity. Very little has ever been written about the conditions of German officers as prisoners of the Allies and practically nothing of their ingenuity and perseverance in planning and executing escape plan so similar to their counterparts in German hands. It is a story of remarkable courage and perseverance in the most terrible conditions, braving arctic weather and appalling hardship with one thought in mind - to get home. This remarkable book is entirely written from original hand-written sheets, dating from 1942, which give its a great immediacy and accuracy.

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Die Gelbe Zwei (deutsch)
Zehn Minuten Bis Buffalo (deutsch)
...UND GOTT LENKT! (deutsch)
Spitfire On My Tail (English)
Ten Minutes To Buffalo (English)
Full Circle (English)
Dont' Talk - do It (English)
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